• D8E6386 by Mahir Jahmal
  • D8E6386 by Mahir Jahmal
  • D8E6386 by Mahir Jahmal
  • D8E6386 by Mahir Jahmal

D8E6386 by Mahir Jahmal

Mahir Jahmal

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Wall Preview

Continuously evolving, Mahir Jahmal's work is in motion, at times until the liberation from the subject. Originating in large format analog photography, his work investigates the boundaries of the medium. By experimenting in the darkroom he explores possible transitions from traditional photography into new forms of artistic practice. In his process, elements of painting merge with photography. The crumpling of the paper adds sculptural shapes that leave a relief-like impression. Urban motifs dissolve into graphic structures and often the underlying motif only emerges at second glance. In the framework of Jahmal’s images, blank spots, paper ruptures, and optical blurs constitute rugged landscapes that leave an impression of a rugged reality. If necessary, he foregoes camera, chemicals, and negatives all together and develops photographic techniques that create mysterious images which defy stereotypes and allow for new perspectives. -Text by Lena Ures


Limited Edition, Edition of: 100, Certificate of Authenticity

Small short edge 20cm
Edition of: 40 
Medium short edge 30cm
Edition of: 30 Large short edge 50cm
Edition of: 30

C-Type print on archival photographic paper, super-gloss/ 255gsm
This high quality paper has a plastic touch and a warm base colour with an ultra-high gloss finish.

Small / medium / large prints come with a 10/15/20mm white upper and bottom image frame.

Small and medium prints are delivered in a flat carton package with plastic stiffeners.
Large prints come in hard tubes.