About us +FAQs


We aim to shine a light on photography as an artform as well as making photographic works accessible and affordable. Hello World Gallery therefore gives you the opportunity to purchase our limited prints of highest quality at an exclusive exhibition rate.

Hello World Gallery is an innovative online art gallery with a focus on contemporary photography. Each exhibition has a different theme and is held over a limited time period, showcasing upcoming and inspiring photographers from around the world. The Website functions as a platform for exhibiting and selling art as well as providing information about the artists and upcoming projects.
The aim is to redefine the experience of selling and buying art by making it accessible, transparent, convenient and welcoming to both buyers and artists. The Gallery connects the digital with the analog through the website and real-space exhibitions, which combine a multitude of artistic disciplines such as visual arts and music. By connecting the virtual with the physical, Hello World Gallery aims to explore and expand the borders of print-distribution and its reception.

The Team

Dominik Geiger – Founder, Creative Director
Dominik Geiger has a higher degree in entrepreneurship & innovation and in supply chain management, studying in Vienna and London, his passion however lies in photography. Through assisting photographers, Geiger has developed an advances skill set and is currently working as a photographer himself. He is the founder of Hello World Gallery and functions as its creative director and business director.

Anna Mustapic – Co-Founder, Artist Director, Curator
Anna Mustapic studied art history in Vienna and photography in Warsaw. Through her work as a curator, Mustapic has partaken in organizing charitable art functions and auctions. In addition to being the co-founder, artist director and curator for Hello World Gallery she is also currently working as a curator for Seedinger-Auktion, a club that promotes artistic development in children.

Sarah Blum – Graphic and Design
Sarah Blum has a degree in communication and graphic design and studied in Vienna and London. She is working as a freelance graphic designer and has accumulated an advanced skill set and expertise through working on different projects in the creative field.

Jana Perusich – Asst. Creative Heads, Text
Jana Perusich has a degree in theatre-, film- and media studies from University Vienna and does communication and social media for Hello World Gallery. She is a self-taught photographer and does assistance work for other photographers.


What do we do? Tell me about you.

We are an online art gallery offering archival prints from emerging photographers from around the world. Our exhibitions are curated; they occur in cycles lasting one year with a specific topic each time. But only within the first 50days the displayed photographs are available for an exceptional reduced price. Afterwards the prints are available for the regular price.

We represent a changing selection of artists for a limited period of time enabling them to showcase their work in a professional context. Our goal is to facilitate a closer more direct connection between the artist and the viewer. Hello World Gallery encourages the dialogue; enabling artists to exchange with other creative professionals, join a dynamic community and sell their art while our guests have the opportunity to acquire an affordable piece of art which is yet to be unveiled.

How does it work?
For how long can I see the prints online?

You can purchase the prints within one year time. Nevertheless our special reduced price cycles last for 50days only. During the 50days, all artwork will be on display and for sale unless it is sold out due to the limitation of the edition. Once an exhibition is finished after one year, the artwork will be gone and no longer available.

What sizes do you offer?

You can choose from three different sizes; Small (20cm x 30cm), Middle (30cm x 45cm) and Large (50cm x 75cm). We take the short side as a reference since the long side may slightly differ depending on each individual piece.

What do you mean by curated?

We carefully select every work we offer and represent the artists and chosen pieces truthfully. By collaborating closely with our artists, we aim to get the most interesting works together. The photographs have to work as a series of three but also as stand-alone pieces.

Is there a physical gallery space I can visit?

For the moment, we regularly organize Vernissages accompanied by talks in different locations throughout Vienna. We show selected works from our artists and invite guest speakers as well as the crowd. If you want to join us the next time, just subscribe to the newsletter and we will send you an invite.

Are the prints limited?

Yes, all photographs we offer are limited to an edition of 50 pieces. They are split across the three sizes (Small / Middle / Large) 30 / 15+1AP / 5+2AP. Once they are sold out, they won’t be ever reproduced besides the artist prints (AP).

How does shipping work?

After your order is placed, we assure production and dispatching to the postal service within 72hours. The actual time your order takes to arrive at your doorstep depends a little on where you live. Please keep in mind, that holidays such as Christmas demand an extended period of time due to the increased amount of work. We will communicate deadlines for your orders to arrive on time.

I have a question about my order. How can I contact you?

Feel free to simply contact us directly by writing us an email to helloworldgallery@gmail.com. Please do leave your name when writing to us.

Is it possible to buy a gift voucher?

Yes, we do offer gift vouchers since we believe it to be a very special present. A voucher is valid for all available artwork.

What about framing?

The prints do not include framing for logistical reason. However, we add suggestions what framing would work in our opinion for every single print. We are currently trying to extend our network of collaborators to be able to offer this optionally in the future. If you live in Austria, Poland or in the UK we already have partnered with frame builder. Please leave a comment at the checkout and we get in touch with you. 

What’s your return policy?
You can return the print within 14 days. Please write us a mail at helloworldgallery@gmail.com upfront, when you do so.

How do you package the prints?

The smaller ones will be send in flat carton packages with plastic stiffeners. The bigger ones will be shipped in hard tubes.

I am not based in Europe; can I still purchase a print?

We do ship to most countries. You can see all countries we ship to on the drop-down menu at checkout. If you can't find your country in the drop-down menu, then write us an email at helloworldgallery@gmail.com and we will work out a solution. Boarders shall not be our limitation.

How can I participate in this project?

As we grow from day to day, we are looking for people passionate for art photography. Feel free to share what you think about this project with us; get in touch by writing an email at helloworldgallery@gmail.com.

I would like to be represented. How does it work?

We are always excited to discover new and interesting artists we can work with. Please contact us at helloworldgallery@gmail.com with a few words about yourself and your work and your portfolio attached.

Do you do collaborations?

We are always open for new things. That is what it is all about in the arts and creative industry. Please write us at helloworldgallery@gmail.com we are happy to hear your thoughts.

I would like to support this project. How can I do that?
Our hearts and souls are driven by art photography. If you feel similiar, please contact us at helloworldgallery@gmail.com Life is too short to miss out on opportunities.