• 'Untitled' from the series 'Floating Project'
  • 'Untitled' from the series 'Floating Project'

'Untitled' from the series 'Floating Project'

Alexander Bronfer


Wall Preview

Please use this feature to see how the print looks in the space you will hang it. Follow the instructions to move the print backwards to place it on the wall. As this is an early stage technology, we don’t advise using it for scale judgement.

Wall Preview

Alexander Bronfer is an Israeli photographer who was born in Ukraine and studied in Saint Petersburg, Russia. His main interest lies in the connection between street- and fine art -photography. After moving to Israel, Alexander lived in Kibutz in South Israel, where he fell in love with the Dead Sea region. He is a finalist of multiple international and Israeli photography festivals. Recently he has been working on personal projects, mainly in Israel and Eastern Europe.


Limited Edition, Edition of: 50, Certificate of Authenticity

Small (short edge 20cm)
Edition of: 30

Medium (short edge 30cm incl. an 1cm white image frame)
Edition of: 15 

Large (short edge 50cm incl. a 3cm white image frame) 
Edition of: 5     


C-Type print on archival photographic paper, matt / 231gsm
This high quality paper is coated with a slightly stippled texture giving a very natural photographic finish with fine colours.

Small and medium prints are delivered in a flat carton package with plastic stiffeners.
Large prints come in hard tubes.